Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Social Networks

I find it really disturbing when the first thing a friend does when walking into my apartment door is have to hunt for my computer so they can check their Facebook or Myspace. I’ll admit it, I do have a Myspace account but I am not a regular visitor to the site. All too often a friend will say something regarding a Myspace message or comment that referred to confirming or making plans with me. Myspace messages are quickly campaigning to be on the same level as text messages or even a phone call! It is now expected that many check social network sites daily or even several times a day. It has become another way of e-mailing. I have even done business over Myspace messages.

Who hasn’t heard that what you post on site like Facebook are now being viewed by potential employers? Employees have been fired because of pictures fully intended only for friends. As an undergrad I was a cheerleader for Drury and we were required to removed any questionable pictures from our personal sites. Here is a blog that addresses this topic

As for the Myspace vs. Facebook debate I can only hypothesize because I have not had a Facebook account in over two years. What I have gathered is from the over the shoulder looks I give my friends when they are perusing their pages. It seems like Myspace allows you to be a bit more creative with your page. It seem like the ability to change your background and upload your pictures right now your page along with many other feature, allows more of your personality to come through.

When it comes to advertisements I guess I knew they existed on those sites but have never acknowledged them. So if companies want me to take notice, Myspace isn’t really the way to go about it.


keshia said...

Hi! I agree about the advertisements. I actually have both a myspace and a facebook account (although I use facebook much more). I rarely notice the ads on either page. I do notice them more on facebook though. The ads on facebook seem much cleaner and professional. On myspace they are usually the flashy, banner type ads. Even though they are flashy, they still never really catch my eye.

I feel that when I go onto these sites, I am doing it to communicate with my friends. I'm not going on them to buy stuff or have products thrown at me. I think that advertisers should leave the ads off of social networking sites and find a better way to catch our attention!

Margaret Orlando said...

I am particularly interested in how those who are face-to-face with someone, trying to have a conversation with them now seem a bit marginalized by the use of hand-held devices where friends and co-workers are more interested in what someone has to say online than in person. I wish I had a window into what the future of interpersonal communication will be like in a few decades.

And any advertisment is annoying online. I never, if rarely ever click on anything that smells like an ad. i did however check my IQ online a few weeks ago and before they'd give me the answer, they made me take surveys. I was bored, so I did it. Maybe if the ads promised something beneficial *right now* (or then as it were) we would be more likely to draw into it?

Natalie said...

I agree that people are so caught up in social networks. It can be addicting. I sometimes worry that people are forgetting how to talk in real time. I saw a funny cartoon that had two students talking about how people used to pass notes in class using paper. The other student said "really?" He said "Yeah, that was B.T." Before Twitter. It made me laugh. Companies should take this serious though. Where they are lots of people, there is an opportunity to make an impression! Ads are one way, but joining the actual social networking party is a great way too!Great post!

AmandaK said...

I agree that people are too consumed with social networks at times. I used to be that person, now I don't have time to keep up with every little thing on Facebook and MySpace--that is the real challange for PR people. How do you make your information noticible in such a jumble of information?