Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blogging about blogs

I have always seen blogs as kind of like an online diary. I was never big into journaling but I did have one. My parents bought it for me and since I thought little girls were suppose to journal I would write “Had a great day. Write more tomorrow,” almost every time. My mom said that I would enjoy looking back and reading about what I was up to but from entries like that with simple statements I’m not seeing the enjoyment. So, my point here was that I have always seen blogs in the same way. I have never blogged and do not believe I fully understand the magnitude of what they are capable of doing.
For me it is hard to see the importance of blogging. I have never really read a blog before except like ones like And then again I’m not even sure that is considered a blog, who knows but it’s a fun read so go check it out. Warning it isn’t PG-13. As of now anyone blogging really fails to get my attention. There are so many ways that companies can get their words out there that blogging wouldn’t really be beneficial to me. Maybe I’m just behind with the times or maybe I’m just not a big PR person.

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