Monday, September 29, 2008

PR professionals using YouTube

YouTube is a great way for any PR professional to promote an organization period. Because of its accessibility, YouTube can reach anyone, anywhere, at anytime. YouTubes simple dynamic allow for easy uploading of video that can feature practically anything.
YouTubes strengths include its availability pretty much in every sense. Unfortunately the downfalls of YouTube are ever present. First, there are so many videos being posted on YouTube daily that getting the visibility of your video out there can be a task. Secondly, how does one draw the public to their exact video? How does an organization promote effectively on YouTube? And, is YouTube only catering to a certain audience?
When I think of YouTube I see it fitting in with a younger demographic. The video viewed in class showed the biggest range was young adults with it trailing off the older the viewer. What if your organization is targeting an older demographic? Most of the people in the baby boomer generation that I know do not use a computer. My dad still uses a typewriter for his business. Since I have already identified my primary audience as the young adults, say between 18-25, I feel that the only way I have seen a video on YouTube is by word of mouth. I do not randomly go to the YouTube website and search for any video. Okay, so the next question then becomes how do you get people talking? Definitely start by placing the video on the company's website. When it comes to YouTube it is all new to me. I have gone to the site once on my own and never became a regular viewer. It has just never appealed to me. It seems to be that the best way to get your video played is simply by making it funny. A funny video seems to travel better than any other. Now that I think about it pretty much any video that anyone has ever told me to go onto YouTube to view was something with humor. Humor is key.

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keshia said...

Hi! Great post!

You asked the question, "Is YouTube only catering to a certain audeince?" I agree with you in that I have no idea how to draw in an older demographic. If I told my mom to go to YouTube and pull up a video, she would have no idea what I meant. YouTube is definitely a generational thing that seems to interest only certain demographics.

You also talked about how to increase the visibility of a video, and suggested putting it on the organization's Web site. The only problem I could see with that is that it can significantly slow down the load time for a site and may cause the viewer to give up (unfortunately, some people do still have the old-school dial up :) !). Maybe to increase a video's visibility, an organization could simply post on their site the link to the video hosted on YouTube. Likewise, the link to YouTube could go on promotional mailings and at the bottom of e-mail signatures. This would allow you to drive viewers to the YouTube site, thus making your video "move-up" in the ratings (not sure if I am using the correct terminology, but what I mean is that your video would appear higher in the search based on the number of viewers).

Anyways, just my thoughts! Have a great day!