Monday, November 10, 2008

IMC- Putting it all Together and Making it Work.

According to the Journal of Integrated Maketing Communication, IMC is defined as "the management of all organized communication to build positive relationships with customers and other stakeholders-stresses marketing to the individual by understanding needs, motivations, attitudes and behaviors."

IMC is data-driven. In today's marketplace there is more information than ever regarding customers' behaviors and preferences. IMc relies on this information to identify and understand a company's best customers and to make informed decisions regarding how to communicate with them.

Doing a little research on the web one can see that IMC is huge! And only seems to be getting stronger by the day. It seems to be everywhere. You can even get your Master's in IMC. There are classes to take, seminars to join in on and many papers tailored to the topic. As anyone can see IMC is not going anywhere so any PR professional would be smart to take that into consideration and run with it.

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maggie said...

Very informative blog, I like the graphics you found!